Articles about the next generation of technology

otris is a new partner of kinisto


otris software AG has been supporting its customers with digital transformation for more than 25 years. kinisto and otris have now entered into a strategic partnership. Thanks to the modular integration of kinisto into the otris contract management software, contracts can be read, analyzed and processed in an automated and structured manner.

Automated quotation preparation with AI for construction suppliers


Processing inquiries for building material manufacturers and dealers is a notoriously time-consuming process - even medium-sized companies often spend more than 1000 man-days a year preparing quotations. AI technology makes it possible to automate the process to a large extent.

NLP technology revolutionizes document processing


The use of Natural Language Processing to process complex text is revolutionizing property management and sales.

AI-based contract management & contract analysis


Effectively manage relationships, identify risks and opportunities: With AI-based contract management and contract analytics.