Perfectly integrated into existing systems

Quick to production

Fully embedded in your processes

Text and document analysis with kinisto is ready for production in no time: Whether directly in the enterprise - seamlessly integrated into the existing IT infrastructure - or embedded in software, such as a document management system. kinisto is available cloud-based as AI-as-a-Service as well as on-premise - for rapid automation of the processing of business-relevant information.

Plug & Play applications available
AIaaS - AI as a Service
Documented REST interface
In the cloud or on-premise
Native Docker / Kubernetes support
Integration as white label possible

For businesses

Tailored to your organization

A fast and straightforward integration with existing systems is a prerequisite for effective process optimization. kinisto can be integrated as AI as a Service directly via a REST API - hosting and operation are not necessary in this case. The solution runs on a high-performance cluster in the cloud and is available whenever it is needed.

Deployment on-premise is available on request. For this, we provide you with a customized Docker container with kinisto environment for maximum flexibility and scalability in your own infrastructure.

Ask us about your specific case. We will be happy to provide you with advice!

For software vendors

Embedded in your product

Our state-of-the-art text and document analysis can be part of your offering. Integrate kinisto into your solution and offer customers added value that would otherwise only be possible with immense in-house development effort.

Fully integrated, you benefit from our high-performance AI technology - when reading out information from complex contracts or for capturing supporting documents such as invoices and purchase orders.

Use kinisto as AIaaS (Artificial Intelligence as a Service). We are your technology partner. Ask us what is possible!