Order and request management

Automated, efficient, fast

Process orders and inquiries automatically

The sales booster based on artificial intelligence

State-of-the-art AI software reads emails incl. attachments, such as order documents, quickly and correctly - on a human level. Recognition rates of up to 99%, even for multiple items and unstructured documents, make it possible to automate work that was previously only possible manually.

Up to 80% less effort in the sales department

The AI system

Order and request management using Natural Language Processing

Overview of incoming requests and orders

Convenient in the browser

  • Channel-independent, automated processing.
  • Whether email attachments, mail or scan
  • Full text search and numerous filter functions
  • Possibility to assign documents to a processor

Fully automatic, precise analysis of documents

Data extraction with high-tech

  • Reliable recognition of relevant information
  • Recognition rates up to 99%.
  • Correct reading of even several positions.
  • Automatic recognition of new formats
  • indication of confidence
  • Color labeling

Comparison with product and customer data

Consistent data across systems

  • Direct connection to leading systems
  • Automated matching with product data, service specifications and customer data
  • Even with different spellings and typing errors
  • Via drop-down direct adjustment
  • No system change necessary

Data that kinisto can recognize and match in query management:

Contact details

Product type

Item quantity


Product categories



Item number

and many more

Optimized review interface

Fast checking of results

  • Human-in-the-loop interface
  • Fast testing by humans
  • Direct adaptation possible
  • Modern design and intuitive usability

Seamless connection

Direct transfer of the data

  • Completely integrated into the company processes.
  • Order created automatically in ERP (e.g. SAP).
  • Per document or collected

Efficient request management in just a few weeks

Perfectly tailored to your company and your processes

More efficient and better performing: automate your inquiry management now with innovative technology. kinisto is ready for use in no time and can be seamlessly connected to existing systems.

As a specialist in process optimization, we would be happy to advise you on the use of the latest AI technology in inquiry management.


In practice

High-tech assistant for sales and customer service

Inside sales

Trigger quotes and order in no time

The AI systematically reads e-mails (including attachments) and other documents on a human level and can directly match customer requests with the product or service catalog. In the process, the product designation used by the customer in his inquiry does not have to match internal designations 100%. This significantly increases the efficiency of the sales team: quotations and orders can be created without delay.

Customer service

Fast response times and automated processing

The use of AI technology in customer service revolutionizes inquiry management and significantly increases customer satisfaction. The automated categorization and assignment of incoming inquiries enables structured processes and reduces the duplication rate. Even complete automation of routine processes is possible. For example, the dark processing of change requests to data such as IBAN or address.

In detail: This is what the AI system can do

Request and order entry

Fully automated inbound management
Requests and orders often reach companies in non-standardized formats and forms - specifications, for example, can be found in the body text of an e-mail. Fast, efficient and, above all, accurate extraction of the information contained ensures a transparent and usable database and enables targeted routing to the right downstream processes.

Data extraction & matching

Decisive precision in inquiry management
The AI also recognizes information on requested services and products regardless of the exact wording or structure of the document. Automated matching with data from product and service catalogs enables processing to be accelerated significantly. Requests can be processed quickly, precisely, and in a structured manner without having to manually match information.

Efficiency for order changes

Fast response
Customers submit specifications, have additional requests or want to cancel orders. The use of AI technology makes it possible to categorize and assign these requests automatically and at lightning speed. Not only the request management for new requests, but also the processing of change requests becomes more efficient.

KPIs, controlling and reporting

Evaluation of current order and inquiry data
The rapid availability of important key figures and data on incoming inquiries and orders provides companies with maximum transparency. Data on current and potential order volumes is in the system almost in real time. Important facts and key figures can be summarized with high precision and are a valuable basis for strategic corporate decisions.

AI makes the difference

Automatically capture, match and process data

Digital processing of incoming orders means process acceleration. From the type of goods to the quantity of goods to the customer’s data - kinisto not only recognizes information based on text and position recognition, but also reads the document like a human being. kinisto works contextually. This means that the text modules are recognized and then placed in relation to all other contents of a document. In this way, the actual content can be recognized, “understood” by the machine and output as data. The structured information can be processed directly without delay.

Orders and requests will be data

Competitive advantage through AI-based order and request management

kinisto goes a big step further than conventional classification and data extraction systems. Based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Deep Learning methods, kinisto recognizes information in context and makes it usable.

Classification & Data Extraction

Whether in e-mails, attachments or scans, kinisto recognizes text modules, puts them in context with each other and extracts the relevant information in a structured manner - regardless of the wording or form of the query. All relevant data is thus available quickly and in a usable form.

Process optimization

Thanks to the rapid availability of information, orders and inquiries can be processed much faster. The structured data can be matched directly (with product or service catalogs) or even processed fully automatically (e.g. for a “simple” bank data change).