AI for Contracts

Capture, analyze, manage, migrate.

Fully automated structuring of contract data

Efficiently automate manual contract processes

Contracts are the basis of every business relationship. AI-based automation around the basic corporate functions not only increases efficiency and accelerates processes significantly - it also ensures the identification of possible risks and uncovers potentials. This means companies save cash and gain more security at the same time.

Accelerated processes
Increased efficiency
Cost reduction
Risk reduction

Technology that reads contracts

Save time. Optimize processes. Gain reliability and transparency.

kinisto can recognize and process information on a human level. Based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Deep Learning methods, we make the scalable use of information possible, even from complex contracts.

Classification & Data Extraction

kinisto automatically recognizes, for example, the contract type, language and origin, contract type, contracting parties, payment terms, dates & deadlines, and possible risk clauses. We rely on the latest generation of Transformer models and specially developed training methods - for maximum performance.

Usable contract data

Depending on the contract information, processes can be initiated in parallel or downstream. The structured filing, the comparison with existing data, such as addresses or existing contracts, the initiation of workflows or the automated addition of existing customer data makes the information directly usable.

Data extraction from context

Regardless of the wording, structure and position of the information

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Clauses & criticality

Complex contexts and information

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Process optimization around business relationships

Incoming contracts

Fully automated inbound management
Contracts come into being all the time and reach companies in a wide variety of formats and forms - from customers, business partners, suppliers and service providers. Fast, efficient and, above all, accurate extraction of the information contained ensures a transparent and usable data basis.

Contract processes

Optimized deadline management
The automated management of contract content enables a structured handling of contract modalities. Terms and deadlines described in the text become data fields. This makes it possible, for example, to validate termination deadlines or to create termination reminders.

Contract risks

Clause management
In complex contract texts, the AI recognizes previously defined contract clauses. For example, the system can warn about clauses that do not comply with the GDPR when a contract is received, find outdated agreements in the contract portfolio, or even provide the data basis for cumulative risk analyses. Even risk reporting on promised services in customer contracts is possible.

Opportunities in contracts

Increased revenue due to analysis
Based on structured data from the entire contract portfolio, companies can generate more revenue. You can make the most of contract options such as price escalation clauses (oil price changes, etc.). Automated reminders for possible renegotiation or termination of contracts also save cash, and with the help of AI, you can also automatically match contract content with existing agreements during negotiations. Even change of control clauses can be cleanly identified and taken into account for company valuation in the process of mergers and acquisitions.

Contract controlling & reporting

Evaluation of contract data
Analysis of complex, large contracts becomes maximally efficient and transparent through the use of AI. Important facts and key figures can be extracted with high precision and summarized in informative reports that support business decisions. Automated reports can also greatly reduce the costs of audits.

Digitization & migration of contracts

Efficiently digitize or migrate contract portfolios
Digitize or migrate contract files time-efficiently - without much manual effort: kinisto recognizes the document type and extracts important information, such as contract type, contract parties, notice periods, creation date or effective date. In addition, kinisto also automatically generates structured metadata for the contracts. This creates the basis for evaluations based on the entire contract portfolio. Via batch upload, even large volumes of contracts can be processed simultaneously. This means they are quickly stored in a structured manner.