Intelligent Document Processing

Cutting-edge process automation

Document AI

Fully automated content processing

The AI system for intelligent document processing, based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Deep Learning methods: kinisto provides structure, efficiency, reduced error rates and accelerated processes.

Massively accelerated inbound management
Automation of previously manual activities
Partial automation of complex processes
More efficient processes
Faster processing
Quickly ready for use
Higher accuracy
Easily integrated

Data extraction from context

Regardless of the wording, structure and position of the information

text image

Focus on automation

Efficiency and practical use of AI technology

Analysis & Classification

Efficient pre-processing
  • All common input channels, such as e-mail, upload, API, scan or mail
  • Fully automated document analysis and classification
  • Support of diverse document formats and types: PDF, Word, text, image, invoice, contract, etc.
  • Targeted routing to the right downstream processes

Data Extraction

Structured - from any content
  • Recognition in visual and linguistic context
  • Detection of complex contexts
  • Extraction even from complex, long texts or tables
  • Very high accuracy thanks to cutting-edge technology -Natural Language Processing based on Deep Learning

Data Validation

Fast and reliable
  • Automated matching of data with information from leading systems (ERP, CRM, ECM, etc.)
  • Human-in-the-loop: Modern, browser-based input and review interface for quick review - including editing options


Perfectly adapted to the process
  • Targeted steering of downstream processes through process-, industry- or company-specific workflows
  • Process control tailored to the target and existing systems

Data export and integration

Seamlessly connected
  • Export of structured information that has been reconciled with existing data and, if necessary, verified by humans.
  • Seamless connection to ERP, CRM, ECM and other systems
  • As AIaaS - AI as a Service in the cloud; hosted in the European Union
  • on-premise operation possible
Fast review and processing

kinisto studio