Get to know Intelligent Document Processing

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Experts for document AI

Latest technology for sustainably efficient processes

kinisto is a team of experts with extensive knowledge in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. Where conventional systems reach their limits, we go a big step further and open up new perspectives. We provide structure, efficiency and accelerated processes.

How we work

Lasting process automation

Strategic and pragmatic

Efficient and sustainable process design starts with a close look at existing structures and the definition of the best possible alternatives. Here, the “view from the outside” and innovative thinking are essential - but also the technical expertise without underestimating, overestimating or misestimating the possibilities. kinisto develops concepts that pragmatically start where a company stands in order to revolutionize processes and structures with innovative technology.

Forward-looking solutions

kinisto develops AI solutions that fit perfectly into your company’s existing IT infrastructure, complement it, improve it and make it sustainable for the future. Practical digital transformation means the development of innovative software that solves specific tasks that were previously solvable by “manual” work alone. In addition, kinisto also offers long-term holistic services for the software, such as maintenance, operation and further development.

What we do

Shaping the digital future

Making information and data - e.g. from text and documents - available in structured form and then processing them automatically can make all the difference - in the market, in competition.

Focus on real-world application

We develop high-performance AI solutions based on Deep Learning for lasting and efficient automation of processes in companies.

Flexible and quickly ready for use

Completely prefabricated solutions or individually tailored to specific use cases: We advise and develop new solutions quickly and consistently.