Human & AI collaboration on documents


Creating, editing and processing documents: Everyday life in companies - and usually still done manually. This is time-consuming, expensive and does not scale. Using artificial intelligence (AI), even long and complex documents can be automatically classified and information extracted from them.

Completely integrated into the working process, an AI solution can also efficiently complete partial work steps. This saves time and money and enables greater scalability.

How collaboration with an AI works

In fact, humans and machines work very well together on documents. The AI primarily takes over time-intensive work steps that do not require extensive technical expertise. For example, the initial classification of documents or the extraction of specific information relevant to the process. Here, an AI solution is much faster, more efficient and makes significantly fewer errors. Employees can concentrate on more important tasks and spend more time applying their expertise to the - now quickly available - information.

Principles for good cooperation:

  1. The results of the AI solution must be visible at a glance on the document, so that humans can quickly see what the AI has done.
  2. Critical cases where the AI is not sure must also be clearly identifiable. In this way, the human can intervene in a targeted manner and check or adjust the results.
  3. Adjustments to the results by individuals must be easily feasible and traceable at any time.
  4. AI-based document analysis results, review options, and customization capabilities should be available in one tool.

For example, an AI solution for document processing can take over work steps or partial work steps on the document and even be integrated into complex processes, such as contract review. This opens up entirely new options for increasing efficiency and (partial) automation.

The AI system for intelligent document processing

Completely integrated into your work process, the AI software kinisto can support employees - previously manual work steps on the document are automatically done by the AI. As a specialist for AI technology in practical use, we will be happy to advise you on the topic and on your specific case!

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