otris is a new partner of kinisto


Holistic contract management

The contract management software from otris improves security and efficiency throughout the entire contract lifecycle - from contract creation and deadline management to audit-proof archiving. Thanks to contract lifecycle management, all important contract information is transparent at all times and the processing procedures are structured.

AI for document capture and processing

Based on AI, kinisto extracts information from any type of text, regardless of its structure and even from long, complex documents. At the same time, kinisto is fast, high-performance and, above all, precise. The technology is based on natural language processing, a subarea of artificial intelligence. kinisto first clusters the text into its components and records their meaning and position in the document. In turn, kinisto then analyses all the text elements in context with each other.

Contract analysis and management of a new generation

Processing large volumes of documents and, in particular, capturing the relevant data is a major challenge for many otris customers. This often ties up valuable resources. With kinisto, the process can now be automated and thus made more efficient. Based on AI, not only can contract master data such as parties and deadlines be extracted automatically, but complex issues can also be analyzed. For example, kinisto can check contracts for certain clauses.

Together for even more efficiency

We are delighted to be able to make our AI solution available to an even wider range of users together with otris.

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