Digitize contracts 10x faster


Cost savings, process acceleration, quality improvement, scalability: contract data can be captured a full 10x faster using AI technology, making it significantly less expensive than the average manual data entry - at a much lower error rate.

In the system in no time

Contract type, contracting parties, notice periods, creation date or effective date - with AI technology it is possible to read out important contract data in seconds. Including a short personal verification, all important data is in the system within 2 minutes.

High cost savings

Of course, not every use case is the same and, as always when using software, it depends on the setup.

Nevertheless, we would like to give you a calculation example:

If an employee needs an average of 20 minutes and costs 12 € per hour (very favorable working student), the data acquisition of 1,000 contracts costs about 4,000 € and takes about 41 working days of 8 hours each.

The evaluation of 1,000 contracts using AI technology costs about 2,500 € and takes about 33 hrs including checkup of the results.

Capturing contract data using AI technology is therefore not only 10x faster, but also significantly cheaper. Via batch upload, even the simultaneous processing of large quantities of contracts is possible.

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